Digital Transformation

Kolekcija koja povezuje menadžment i znanja iz IT-a. Machine learning, Data driven decision making, Internet of things, Design thinking…

Agile Methodologies

Agile Principles and Methodologies
Agile Project Planning
Agile Project Scheduling and Monitoring
Agile Stakeholder Engagement and Team Development
Cultivating Enterprise Agile
Innovating with Lean Product Management
Maximizing Value with A/B Testing
The Essential Role of the Agile Product Owner

Agile Mindset & Culture

Developing and Supporting an Agile Mind-set
Embracing an Agile Culture for Business Growth
Learning from Failure

Big Data

Being a Responsible Corporate Digital Citizen
Big Data Fundamentals
Big Data Interpretation
Finding the Quality in Your Data
Harnessing the Power of Data Science for Business Growth
Killer Marketing with Big Data
Making Data-driven Decisions
Organizing Business Data with Data Modeling
Turning Social Intelligence into Actionable Insight

Championing Digital Transformation

Championing Digital Transformation
Getting Your Pitch Heard
Leading Your Team through Change

Computational Thinking

Growing Value through Algorithmic Business
Reaching Efficient Solutions with Computational Thinking

Continuous Learning

Cultivating a Passion for Learning
Developing a Growth Mind-set
Expert Insights on Continuous Learning
Keeping Your Skill Set Current in the Digital Economy

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Achieving Digital Dexterity
Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders
Cultivating Cross-functional Team Collaboration
Enabling Business-IT Collaboration and Strategic Alignment
Strategies for Managing Technical Teams

Data and Analytics at Work

Analytics by Function
Understanding and Raising Analytics Maturity

Data and Analytics Literacy

Basic Analytical Methods

Data Visualization

Exploring Data Visualization

Data-driven Decision Making

Framing Opportunities for Effective Data-driven Decision Making
Guiding the Analysis for Effective Data-driven Decision Making
Motivating Action with a Compelling and Data-driven Story
Positioning Powerful Messages to Enable Action
Preparing Impactful Presentations that Drive Decision Makers to Action
Working with Data for Effective Decision Making

Design Thinking Methodology

Design Thinking for Innovation: Brainstorming and Ideation
Design Thinking for Innovation: Defining Opportunities
Design Thinking for Innovation: Prototyping and Testing
Design Thinking for Innovation: Stakeholder Engagement
Expert Insights on Design Thinking

Designing Digital Experiences

Achieving Customer-centric Design with User Personas
Building a Culture of Design Thinking
Expert Insights on Lean UX
Exploring Customer Journey Mapping
Exploring the Relationship between UI/UX Design

Digital Automation

Enhancing the Customer Experience with HCI
Exploring Business Process Automation
Implementing an Automation Software Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

Best Practices for Digital Transformation
Expert Insights on Digital Transformation
Harnessing the Benefits of Platform as a Service
Knowing When to Take Strategic Risks
Rethinking Business Models to Enable Digital Transformation

Disruptive Technologies

Applying Virtual Assistant Technology
Connecting with the Internet of Things
Creating Engagement with Virtual Reality
Effective Edge Computing
Expert Insights on 3D Printing
Getting Started with Machine Learning
How Blockchain Technology is Transforming  Businesses
Preparing for the Additive Manufacturing Revolution
Transforming the Workplace Using Artificial Intelligence
Using Augmented Reality for Organizational Gains
Using Robots and RPA in the Workplace

Infrastructure & Architecture

Building Better Applications with Microservice Architecture
Embracing the Cloud for Business Efficiency
Network Security Threats and Their Impact
Planning an Effective Mobile App Strategy

Serving Digital Customers

Optimizing the Customer Experience
Serving Digital Customers with Omnichannel
Understanding the Digital Customer

Social Media Marketing

Effective Digital Community Management
Helping Customers Find You
Leveraging Social Media for Persuasive Communication
Managing Your Corporate Reputation Online
Reaching Customers Digitally

Virtual Collaboration

Contributing as a Virtual Team Member
Establishing Effective Virtual Teams
Exploring Virtual Collaboration
Facing Virtual Team Challenges

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